How to create your Articles and upload your Files on this website
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22 October 02:43pm
Good morning everyone, i believe we are all doing great.

Today, im going to show you how to upload your Architecture Files here on this website.


Please take note that due to server issues, we would place a maximum file upload limit, which will be 10mb (Ten Megabyte).

This means, you can upload your files in .zip formats only not greater than 10mb but should be lesser.

But images can be uploaded here as much as possible. And i will show you how its done.

The First thing to do is to Create an Article, to create an Article, all you have to do is to find and click on the NEW POST button which can be found on the home page at the top of the Recent Posts as seen inbthe image below.


Once you have clicked on the New Post button, you will be taken to the next page.

The next page is where you get to pick your Article Category. Please endeavour to select the right category for your posts.

Check image below.


NOTE: if its your first time posting an Article, on the next page you will see a Disclaimer Content asking you to agree or disagree, of course, just click on Disagree to continue. As seen in the image below.


After selecting, you will be taken to the Next page which is the ARTICLE CREATION Page.
Here you will insert your Topic Title in the first box provided and write your Article Body in the second Box provided.

And you will see a green button named Photos, it is used to upload image directly to your writeups.
it does that when you click on the button it tells you to select the picture from you device gallery after selecting, you then click on Upload[b] .
it will upload your picture and convert it to a code. it is that code that you need to copy and paste into your writeup Body.

The first image code in your article body will be used as the Article's preview image. Just like the first image here in this post.

And always upload your Articles preview images because we value as they beautify our homepages.

To upload more articles images at once, please go to your portal via



You can as well check this link for more already generated Articles preview images that you upload.



And copy out the codes from below the image

Thank you.

We suggest you use UC Browser or chrome Browser for creating articles so that the Article Preview image can be uploaded peacefully, as opera mini browser dosent really support it.

Once you are done writing all you contents, you can simply click on the [b]SAVE[b] .
This will take you to the final phase will asks you to upload your file. REMEMBER, 10mb is maximum file sixe for uploading. if you have nothing to upload, or you have already uploaded, just click on the [b]CONTINUE [b] button.

Once you have seen a success message, and you are in your Article Post..... Then you are good to share you post via the Facebook and Twitter buttons provided.

[b]PLEASE TAKE NOTE:[b] if you want to upload files more than 10mb, please upload it on external website like googledrive and others, and drop the links in your posts. Or better still convert your links by shortening it and earn money as people click on it with websites like.

You will love to earn what you don't expect at all.... it comes in hand eventually. They say 1000 views of your link equals to a dollar.... So lets say you just uploaded your links here and you abandoned it for some time and when you just decided to check it, you met 500 dollars in your account all for doing nothing... That's joy to me.

We want this website to be like Bibliocad. Com., lets share out our architectural knowledges and help each other out.

For any questions and additions... Please leave a comment here...

i will leave a link here to a YouTube video show how to do all what i have written here. But at the same time, the link will show you how site works to earn with your links when you covert your file links with it.

So CLICK HERE to watch YouTube video.

i look forward to seeing us do great things together here... Thank you all...
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